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Kiko Then...

Kiko Now...

As you will come to know, I am a cat lover. Now this doesn’t mean I am opposed to dogs; I am definitely the girl that always asks to pet your dog- especially if it looks like Lassie. But as someone that has been raised with Siamese cats all my life, I will always have a particular affinity for those big eyes (the Puss in Boots kind), soft little faces, and even those wailing meows that only cats can make.
No matter what your animal of choice may be, whether it is a cat, a dog, a rabbit, or even a blue bellied lizard, pets have a significant impact on our happiness. I can say from experience that my little Kiko (who is actually not so little at 16 pounds) brings an incredible amount of joy to my life. Even now as I write this he is curled up by my feet snoring. Yes, apparently cats snore.

Pets provide companionship, which is a great source of happiness for humans. Our adopted animals are nonjudgmental, loyal, and downright cute. I constantly find myself smiling when I’m with Kiko because he helps me appreciate the simple things in life- like a good nap. We can learn so much from our animals; but my favorite gift that they share with us is their unconditional love. When I feel truly loved, I feel truly happy.

Do you have a pet and does he or she bring you happiness?

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 1. Tennis with my mom: We always bond over a game- even though I beat her 6-2. Tennis might be the one sport that I’m decent at!

    2. A small world: Especially in Ventura. Just during lunch I saw 11 people I knew! From my English teacher to my mentor Dallas Woodburn- I found all of my encounters to be more than just a coincidence- perhaps a sign?

    3. Sunshine: After weeks of fog, summer has finally decided to arrive.

    4. Gelato: I have the ultimate sweet tooth! Today my flavor was “heaven”- and it was.

    5. My To-Do List: Today was an extremely busy day and there’s something about getting to mark that little “check” that makes me feel oh-so accomplished.

    Posted on 7.14.10 | Reply

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