Weather Report: Week 1

Week 1 of the Sunny Side Up is coming to a close! What a week it has been; it has most definitely been my busiest week of summer so far but it has also been one of my happiest weeks as well. This week marked the beginning of a new adventure and I am hopeful that The Sunny Side Up! will continue to bring a little extra happiness for the readers and myself.
 So what happened during Week 1 of the Sunny Side Up?
  • 300 teenagers have been contacted regarding their thoughts on happiness
  • I met with my mentor, Dallas Woodburn, for the first time and she shared invaluable information about becoming an author with me
  • I signed a contract with iUniverse, a self publishing company. My book should be on the shelf in about a year!

At the Field Museum today. Polar bears make me happy (even though he's probably not very happy being stuffed at a museum!)

Accomplishing these goals did make me happier this week. But I was also a happier person this week because I got to spend time with my friends by the pool, visit the Field Museum in Los Angeles, and have lunch with one of my best friends, Nivedita. I believe a balance of work and play is the perfect combination for true bliss!

I’d like to especially thank Taylor Freeman for being our first Sunny Star, which you can read here: I’d also like to thank my peers, family, and friends for all the positive encouragement and support.
In this next week I will be:
  • Contacting over 1,000 students to ask them questions about their personal view on happiness 
  • Meeting Greg Woodburn to discuss his project:
  • Taking my chemistry midterm: the ultimate challenge to my happiness!
I have been so pleased that many people are just as excited about this project as I am; in my moments of doubt, these kind words help me keep the faith. I hope you had a happy week and that the Sunny Side Up! made it even happier.
What made you happy this week?
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 1. A relaxing morning: It’s rare that I sleep in but sometimes it is so nice to get some extra shut eye. The world seems simple in the morning and I always have fascinating dreams when I sleep in.

    2. A fresh shower: So refreshing in the morning. It makes me feel like I’m starting the day off right!

    3. The Field Museum: What an impressive building! I especially loved the terrariums and the fossils. It’s hard to imagine that a set of bones can be 30 million years old!

    4. Cute (stuffed) animals: While they may have been in the terrariums, cute animals truly do make me happy. I’m still not there with babies yet.

    5. Big Chill: As a frozen yogurt connoisseur, Big Chill takes home the prize. Who makes Banana Split, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Peanut Butter, and Red Velvet Cake flavors but them? Heaven, pure heaven!

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