Pay It Forward

One of my favorite movies is “Pay It Forward.” While the little boy Trevor suggests giving “really big” gifts to three people who then give three large gifts in hopes of an exponential movement, I think giving smaller gifts to many people is just as meaningful. We don’t always have the time, money, or right situation to give three immense gifts, but we can always be more thoughtful of others in our daily actions.

I love the concept of “Pay It Forward” because it emphasizes selflessness rather than selfishness. It is human nature to think of ourselves first. Most of our thoughts are based on our needs and wants- what will make us personally happy. But I think a great amount of happiness can be gained by making others happy. By giving joyfully and receiving graciously, both parties can be happier through the process of “paying it forward”.
You don’t have to do something as drastic as give someone your new Jaguar or let a homeless person in your home for dinner like the movie shows. You can let someone go in front of you at the grocery store or pay for two extra movie tickets for the next unsuspecting customers. The element of surprise always brings extra happiness for the giver and the receiver.
Ten Ways to Pay It Forward:
  1. Bring coffee or tea to a friend.
  2. Leave a $5 bill on a movie theater seat.
  3. Smile at someone you don’t know.
  4. Write a letter telling someone how much you care about them.
  5. Call an old friend.
  6. Bake someone their special treat.
  7. Open the door for someone.
  8. Leave an extra tip.
  9. Bring a meal to someone who is sick.
  10. Send a Facebook comment to someone you haven’t talked to in awhile.
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 1. My chemistry score: I had a terrible feeling after I completed my chemistry midterm yesterday but I was so pleasantly surprised to see that I got an A! I tend to expect the worst rather than hope for the best; oddly this usually makes me happier in the end.

    2. Lunch with Greg Woodburn: We met to discuss and share our projects. His non-profit organization, Give Running, is so impressive and it was such a pleasure to meet him. I know he will continue to bring smiles to thousands of faces by offering shoes and that is something to be truly grateful for!

    3. A hug from my neighbor, Betty: She is so supportive of me and I will always love our chats by the mailboxes.

    4. Mom’s classic chicken enchiladas: It has been so nice having these family dinners lately. We have all been pretty busy so it is such a joy to settle down and just laugh together. My dad makes the funniest faces during grace- don’t tell my mom, though!

    5. Hot cup of peach green tea: The perfect way to relax after a pleasant and productive day.

    Posted on 7.21.10 | Reply
  2. […] written about this before, which you can read here. But I was re-inspired to share the message of helping others. We may not be empowered or capable […]

    Posted on 6.17.11

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