The Sunny Set: #133

Even though we are enjoying these beautiful summer days, this week I am turning my attention to the upcoming fall and winter seasons. I have always loved the pastimes of these seasons, like reading a good book by the fireplace or sipping a cup of hot cocoa. So this week, I am attempting to accomplish #133 on the Sunny Set…
#133: Knit an entire scarf!
A bit random, right? I know; but as you’ll discover, I love surprises and I promise that by the end of this week you’ll know why I’m putting my knitting needles together. It’s been awhile since I’ve knitted, and please note the word “entire” in the goal– I think I have about a dozen half completed scarves lying around the house and it’s time I actually finished one!
This will also be a great goal for the week because I’ll need my grandma’s help and we always love getting to spend time together. My grandmother is an artist and she’ll have the perfect idea for what yarn to get and, oh yeah, how to actually knit properly- a concept I need some help with.
What goal will you work on this week?
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 1. My neighborhood: I have always loved where I live. I have a beautiful view of mountains and wild boysenberries across the street. There’s even a cute little cottontail bunny rabbit that greets me in the street every now and then.

    2. Dancing in the kitchen: Today was one of those days where I couldn’t help bursting out into song and doing pirouttes around the coffee table. I hope my neighbors don’t mind hearing the endless homemade broadway productions that go on by the stove.

    3. Knitting with Grandma Joan: She came over today to help me start my scarf and it was so fun sitting on my bed having “girl” talk.

    4. My first speech: Tonight I introduced myself to my Toastmasters Club with the “Icebreaker” speech and I’m so excited to report that I was voted as Best Speaker of the evening!

    5. Bachelorette finale: What woman in America wasn’t watching this tonight? I had so much fun gathering with my girls as we laughed, cried, and ate ice cream sundaes.

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