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This week I am so excited to be a part of the Get Inspired! Project. I spoke with Toni Reece about what inspires me and who I hope to inspire. I find both to be very interesting and challenging questions that I think many of us, including myself, don’t always take time to consider.
What inspires me? I’m not sure I could answer this a couple months ago with such clarity. Sometimes the little moments of inspiration can pass by so quickly that unless we are particularly observant, we miss it.  That is why the 5 Daily Gratitudes have enriched my life so much. Now I notice a particularly beautiful group of flowers on the side of the road or the butterfly that floats outside my window. My life is so much richer now; in color, in size, and in setting. My senses are alive with all that this world has to offer; I just had to look a little harder and try to remember even more. That is what has inspired me.
And as for the question of who I hope to inspire? I humbly say that I would like to especially inspire my peers. This is an even more difficult question to answer because as a teen, the last thing I want to do is preach to my peers about what they should do with their lives. And while I realize that many teens are quite happy already, I’ve learned that hardly anyone scores themselves as a “10” on the happiness scale. It is my hope that I can help  my peers  notice and appreciate their happiness even more so that this score of  “10” is attainable. Studies have shown that happiness is habitual and I want to offer tips, research, and experiences so that happiness becomes a lifestyle rather than a fleeting emotion. 
I invite you to listen to my interview with Toni to find out what I think about how teens are perceived, the connection gap, and how happy teens really are.
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 1. Sleeping in: It was so nice to finally have a reprieve from my 6:45 alarm call for chemistry class. This morning was so relaxing; nothing but blueberry pancakes and comfy pillows.

    2. Knitting: No one thought I could knit a scarf in three days, but I think I might actually do it! I find knitting to be such a peaceful activity- I really am an old soul. Now where’s my prune juice?

    3. Tennis with my mom: It’s always such a joy when we hit the courts. We are evenly matched, and when I say that I mean that she gives me just enough of a challenge so I can feel like I actually earned my win. More than anything, she cracks me up with her obnoxious shuffle which she uses as a tactic to distract me. It doesn’t work…usually.

    4. A bustling household: For some reason I love the sound of the washing machine whirring and the doors opening and closing as groceries are brought in. It makes my house feel very much alive.

    5. Watching Siamese cat videos: In my family we are not just cat lovers. We are Chocolate point, Applehead, Siamese cat lovers. We were all so happy to watch these little kittens play with each other; it reminded of us of when our little Kiko was, well, actually little.

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