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I’m so excited to introduce this week’s Sunny Star, Amy Croson. I have never met Amy before, but as a fellow guest on The Get Inspired! Project, I heard her interview and fell in love with her project idea. Amy has so much passion for life; not only does she set goals for herself, she also gives back by reaching out to others when it’s least expected. I invite you to read about Amy’s project and see why she adds a little extra sunshine to our lives.
Here is her blog:
Listen to her interview on The Get Inspired Project!:
1. What is your blog,, about and how has it affected your happiness?
AC: is a site I created to help inspire & uplift anyone, anywhere. It’s all about helping others find their tools for success, no matter what they’d like to do with their lives. There’s information on paying it forward, creating your personal goal list, and, of course, my blog.
When I created my goal book a while back, I began noticing the reactions of my friends. They wanted to see it, they wanted to make their own goal list… I’d inspired them and it felt amazing to empower others. So, I created my website in hopes that people would change from it. Maybe they’ll fight that much harder for their dreams, take a trip they’ve always wanted, or let themselves live life to the fullest. It’s impossible to describe how my sites have changed me. But, I will say that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and I know it’s because I’ve found a way to fight for myself and help others without being overwhelmed.
2. What has been your favorite goal to accomplish and how has this affected your happiness?

Accomplishing her goal to visit Nashville, where she hopes to become a singer.

AC: So far, my greatest goal accomplished was visiting Los Angeles. I think it was because of how it all fell together. If I hadn’t created my site, my mom’s best friend (who lives in LA) wouldn’t have seen it, and she wouldn’t have thought to invite me to visit. She helped me accomplish several goals, and we even stumbled upon a movie premiere. (Ironically another goal of mine.) My whole outlook on life has changed because of those few days, and it made me more aware of the world around me. I was suddenly independent, free, fearless… it’s goals like those that truly make you feel alive, and thus happy.

3. What has been the most challenging goal to achieve and how has this affected your happiness?
AC: My most challenging goal – that I’ve accomplished so far – was standing up for myself. Back in January and February, I had to let a couple of my friends go. It was unbearable and there are days when I wonder how they are doing. But, there was only so much of myself I could give to them without completely losing sight of who I am. As selfish as I felt, I made the tough decision. My life has truly never been better.
4. Can you tell us about your “Pay it Forward” list? Do you have an example of how doing one of these things increased not only your happiness but someone else’s?
AC: The Pay It Forward list is one of the best parts about my website. When adding my goal list to the website, I noticed that many of my goals were made to inspire and bring happiness to others. I created the Pay It Forward list to show others that their goals do not just have to be all about them. Though a great many of mine are, there’s also a wonderful feeling that comes after helping others.
Just the other week, I bought lunch for the people behind me at the Taco Bell drive through. Though I did not get to see the look on their faces as they got their free food, it made me feel alive. Random acts of kindness can make someone’s day – sometimes even their week. (Not to mention the smile I saw on the employee’s face when I paid.) So often times we are driving down the road, getting cut of, tailgated, etc. It’s nice to know that there are still happy, nice people out there in the world.
5. What advice do you have for people who are trying to set goals for themselves?
AC: The most important thing to remember when making your goals is that nothing is permanent. Yes – dedicate yourself to your goals and fight for them, but remember that people change, you will change. It’s alright to add goals, it’s alright to remove them. You are in control of your own life. So don’t be disappointed in yourself if you change your mind. Be proud that you are making goals and facing your fears.
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Keep Shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Joelle Goodman says:

    I am Amy’s mother, and I cannot tell you how exciting it is to see so many young people dedicating time to inspire others while overcoming obstacles to reach their own goals. What you and Amy are doing has become viral- keep going, it’s catching on!!!! KUDOS to you both!

    Posted on 8.4.10 | Reply
    1. Thank you SO much- it’s always so nice to read such words of encouragement. You have a wonderful daughter!

      Posted on 8.4.10 | Reply
  2. MArty Staley says:

    I happen to know Amy. You fell in love with her without meeting her, can just imagine knowing her! She is everything you see and read. She is truly a golden star that this earth has been blessed with. Someday EVERYONE will know of Amy Croson.

    Posted on 8.4.10 | Reply
  3. 1. Chemistry final: While it was a relief to finish this course, the best part was being reminded of how loved I am. You find out who really cares about you when you have a test; it was so kind of my family to ask how it went.

    2. Amy Croson: I’m so glad that I was able to interview Amy as a Sunny Star today. Her goals and pay it forward list inspired me and I’m so glad that there are people like her in this world.

    3. Talking with my cousin: We had such a real conversation today. I’ve realized that so much of the daily conversations amongst people are simple small talk. Today it was so refreshing to be honest.

    4. Completed scarf: They said it couldn’t be done, but alas, it is! I loved the sense of accomplishment but more than anything I loved learning how to do something new from my grandma.

    5. Eat Pray Love: I’m hooked on this book! Elizabeth Gilbert has become one of my favorite writers. I’m currently reading the portion on meditation in India; her experience inspires me to go on a similar spiritual journey…even if that’s in my living room.

    Posted on 8.5.10 | Reply
  4. Olivia Bird says:

    I went to high school with Amy and we had choir together. That girl can sing and she’s a beautiful person all the way around. It’s amazing that she’s doing all of this and still accomplishing her own dreams and goals. I honestly hope that I can be more like Amy when it comes to being a better person.

    Posted on 8.8.10 | Reply
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