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I firmly believe in the power of mentoring. A mentor is someone that has the experience, knowledge, and wisdom that a mentee can learn from. A mentor can be dead or alive, young or old, a person you know well or a person you’ve never met. But for me, the best mentors are the ones that I not only respect for their intellect but love for their friendship. Dallas Woodburn is one of those mentors to me.
Dallas and I got to know each other after I decided to take a chance and email her. We’d never met before and I’d only heard about her many accomplishments, such as organizing book drives or publishing books before she even graduated high school.  Being the amazing girl that Dallas is, I am so lucky that she has decided to take me under her wing as I begin my writing career. Not only has she mentored me, she has also helped hundreds of other teens pick up the pen (or these days, pick up the keyboard?) with her Write On! Project and she will be publishing a book comprised of over 65 stories written by teens, for teens.
You can check out Dallas’ website, Write On! here: http://writeonbooks.org/default.aspx
Also, Dallas recently interviewed me for her blog, which I invite you to read here: http://dallaswoodburn.blogspot.com/2010/08/interview-with-sunny-girl-lauren-cook.html

Dallas and me with the new scarf I knitted for her!

And as for knitting that scarf which I wrote about earlier this week? Sunny Set Goal #133? I did it! I successfully knitted a scarf (with a special thanks to the crafty grandma) for Dallas. I think this will be a nice addition for those blisteringly cold winters in Indiana where she will be attending graduate school at Purdue. Best of luck Dallas and thank you for being such a ray of sunshine in my life and so many others!
Keep Shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
**For more thoughts on mentoring, check out my book review of John Wooden’s A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring at: http://thesunnygirl.wordpress.com/2010/07/23/book-of-the-week-a-game-plan-for-life/
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 1. Simone’s with Dallas: I’m so excited I got to see Dallas before she leaves for Purdue; I think she really liked the scarf I knitted for her. She offers me such a wealth of knowledge and I really enjoy learning from her.

    2. Ironing and singing: Two things that I just love to do.

    3. Yellow raincoat: Every time I speak, I wear yellow because I am the Sunny Girl, after all! My mom came home with the best surprise today- a brand-spanking new yellow pea-coat!

    4. Reading in the bath: Such a peaceful way to end the day. Don’t you just love a page turner?

    5. Teen celebrity cancer commercial: I am a huge advocate of the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, and any other organization that takes up the fight against cancer. I am so glad to see these teen celebrities, who wield so much influence, taking a stand against cancer in this commercial.

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