The Sunny Set: #77

I'll be lucky if my creme brulee looks half this good!

You’d think I’d be a natural chef considering my name, Lauren Cook. This is not the case. In fact, it is anything but. You give me a recipe for basic chocolate chip cookies and somehow you’ll end up with chocolate chip pudding or chocolate chip rocks. I’m infamous for too much flour, not enough butter—you name it and I’ve done it. So this week’s goal will be a considerable challenge, considering that even the pro’s struggle with it….

#77: Make delicious crème brulee!
Note the word “delicious”—I’ll be lucky if I can get just one person to tell me if it comes close to tantalizing (I’ve established somewhat of a reputation for my cooking chops—or lack thereof). You see, crème brulee is no easy feat; the water bath, the perfect blending of the sugar and egg…Lord knows I’ll have a good time with that blow torch when it comes time for the crystallization. But I have to do this…ever since I was a toothy five year old, crème brulee has been my favorite dessert. I have quite a palate for the pudding so we’ll see if I quite the procedure as well.
What goal will you work on this week?
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 1. My health: I noticed that I wasn’t grateful for much of anything today as I lied in bed with a fever. But then I realized; I should be extremely grateful for the 95% of the time when I do feel physically healthy. It’s too bad we often only notice our health when we’re not healthy.

    2. Talented speakers: I always walk away in awe after a Toastmasters meeting. Public speaking is such an art and I admire anyone that can get up and give an extemporaneous speech without warning. I’m still working on that…

    3. A little girl’s laugh: One member of Toastmasters brought their daughter as a guest to the meeting tonight. It was so nice to hear her innocent and genuine laughter. Shouldn’t life be lived with this form of carefree wonder?

    4. Donating to the homeless: I heard an inspirational story tonight about donating just a dollar to the homeless. As I drove away tonight I saw a homeless man and almost pulled away. But I stopped my car, rolled down my window, and gave the man a dollar. Nothing much, but I could immediately sense the mutual joy between that man and me.

    5. Texting with my best friend, Lizzy: She’s finally home from Australia (no more $3 text messages!) and it’s so nice to be back in our non-stop chit chat mode. We are teenage girls after all!

    Posted on 8.10.10 | Reply
  2. […] over and just like always, we were up to no good in the kitchen. As I predicted earlier this week (which you can read here), I goofed the recipe. Long story short, the recipe called for egg yolks, not egg whites. […]

    Posted on 8.14.10

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