Four Hugs a Day!

“Four hugs a day…that’s the minimum. Four hugs a day…not the maximum!” I learned this song in kindergarten but I’m certain that it’s still true today. Besides, don’t they say that you learn everything you need to know about life during kindergarten any way? I’m not sure if that’s exactly true, but I know this song still is.
Studies consistently show that we are happier people when we have physical contact with others. After all the hugs I’ve been getting from my sorority sisters, I know I certainly feel happier! I also read in Cosmopolitan recently that the happiest people are the ones who hug others when they see a good friend or a loved one upon arrival and when they say goodbye to that person—that’s two hugs right there!
So get your hug on today! Who’s huggable? A family member, your friends, or that special someone. If you ask me, pets totally count; fishes might be a little challenge but cuddle away with your cat or dog. Obviously don’t start hugging random people on the street just to reach your hug fill; you might meet a lovely can of pepper spray or a tight ball of white-fisted knuckles. It’s too bad that that can be the reaction to unexpected physical contact in this world. But on a lighter note, I encourage you to hug away with those that you do know and watch your happiness soar. Hug and be happy!

How many people can you hug today?

Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Smooth transition: I’ve settled right in at my sorority house and I’m loving the Rush practice process. I love my room, my roommates, and this entire house—feeling very blessed!

    2. Lunch: The hours just pass by; we’ve been talking and laughing away all day.

    3. Wife Swap: A surprisingly funny show.

    4. Korean BBQ: I’ve never been until tonight and it was quite an experience. There were a lot of new flavors…kimchi might be an acquired taste.

    5. Late nights: I’m getting to know my sisters so well; I can tell that this is going to be an amazing year!

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