Happy With or Without the Crown

Back when I won Miss Teen California in 2007. SO HAPPY!

I just got out of a morning of interviews for the Junior Miss and Miss Teen California International pageants. I was invited to be a judge this year and as a former titleholder, it is exciting to be on the other side. It has been an especially interesting experience because of my current work with The Sunny Side Up!, which emphasizes youth happiness.

I got to hear it first hand today: teens are happy. While they all told me about the struggles that teens face, mainly peer pressure, they also say how happy, social, and involved teens are. These girls that I interviewed today were extremely impressive; more than pretty interview suits or teased hair, these girls have a message to share. The International Pageant System is all about the platform, and each of these girls wants to make a difference in their communities. I’ve heard everything about the American Cancer Society (a cause near and dear to my heart), The Make a Wish Foundation, the Humane Society, and many, many more. These girls are selfless in service and that means more than any crown or sash.
The preliminary pageant is tonight and I’m excited to see all the rhinestones, glitter, and sparkles! It is such an honor to be here and I have been extremely happy meeting so many girls that want to “be the change we wish to see in this world.” I’ll keep you updated as my fellow judges and I prepare to determine the next girls to represent California at the International pageant.
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Poignant interviews: I interviewed over 40 girls today and it was so enlightening to hear about what teens have to say. I asked them about their platforms, their hobbies, and most importantly, why they should win Junior Miss or Miss Teen California.

    2. A charming panel of judges: I have loved spending the day with such an elite bunch; there is a professional tennis coach, a motivational speaker, and a plastic surgeon among many other impressive and kind judges.

    3. Passionate platforms: This pageant is all about community service and making a difference. I have loved hearing about what each of these women have done to help their communities.

    4. Wardrobe: I wish you could see all of these outfits—I’ve never seen so many rhinestones, sequins, and even feathers! I feel like I’m watching a magic show the way all these skirts and tops transform. These girls are workin it!

    5. Pageants: I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for my experience with pageants. I have learned so much about myself; pageants teach you all about the art of presenting yourself with grace and poise while articulating your thoughts with clarity and passion.

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