Leaving a Legacy

Judging at the Junior Miss and Miss Teen California International pageants.

The pageant has come to a close! It was such a learning experience for me and I know that the newly crowned title holders will grow so much in this upcoming year. The girls we chose are sweet, beautiful, and compassionate; they are exactly the type of young women that I would want to represent not only our state, but all teens in general.

Judging this weekend brought me great happiness but it also brought on a lot of stress. For the first time I really realized what my job as a judge was. And that was to “judge” others. But it was hard for me to judge other young women when all of them were so special in their own way. I hope that all the girls only grew from the experience though and that they remember that my opinion is not what matters. What their family and friends think, and what they think of themselves, is what truly matters.

Pageants changed my life. And I know that it has changed many other lives as well. It is my hope though that these young ladies use pageants as something to add to their life, rather than something to define their life. Having a crown is a heightened opportunity to make a difference in your community; it is not another chance to be a celebrity or have flattering fans at your whim. Last night, the hostess sang the song, “Legacy,” and that is what it is truly about. More than the awards or titles to your name, what did you leave behind? I want to leave a legacy of selflessness, love, and of course, as the Sunny Girl, happiness.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Spending the weekend with my Auntie Nette: I had such a wonderful time judging the Junior Miss and Miss Teen California pageant but it would not have been possible without my Auntie Nette. She helped me so much and she is such a great companion and Auntie.

    2. Debutante Ball: Even though I participated almost two years ago, I attended the orientation to persuade new girls to be a part of this memorable occasion. There are so many wonderful people in Las Patronas and it was so nice to see them all.

    3. Speaking with my parents: My family was asked to share our experience regarding the Debutante Ball and it was such a joy watching my parents speak and having the opportunity to speak myself.

    4. Dinner at Gulfstream with my parents: I introduced this restaurant to my parents last night and we all enjoyed it so much! While the food was delicious (especially the lemon meringue), I enjoyed spending time with my parents more than anything else.

    5. A thoughtful waiter: We had such a pleasant conversation with our waiter; he’s a fellow UCLA student and writer and it was nice to relate.

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