Celebrate with a Cupcake

I heard the word “happy” so many times yesterday. Before this project, I never really noticed the word, but now that I’m studying it, I hear it so much more in daily conversation. Hearing a person say, “I’m so happy!” is just music to my ears. Perhaps I heard this buzzword a lot yesterday because of the celebratory mood in our house for one of my sorority sister’s birthdays. It was so nice to be immersed in such a joyful environment; happy people make me happy!
I especially noticed that we were so happy because of all the delicious food and I had quite a conversation with one of my friends about how food, especially tantalizing food at that, can add so much happiness to our lives. Now, I have to say, we have it pretty swell at our house. We have three cooks who make us healthy, hot, and tasty food every day—and that’s not to mention the scrumptious cinnamon rolls and brownies that they cook up quite often.
But yesterday was a super food day for all of us; we had sushi (soft shell crab roll for me!), Sprinkles cupcakes, Ditty Riese ice cream cookie sandwiches (a famous shop in Westwood), and maybe even a little bit of frozen yogurt…everyone was in a state of sheer bliss! It’s amazing we’re not all in sugar comas this morning. So do desserts add happiness to our lives? I think they do for women, at least!
According to the Happy Nest website, desserts make a meal more memorable and special and they help you leave the meal on a more satisfied note. Now if this happens to be everyday, so be it! Of course, life should be lived in moderation, but a little cookie here or a few bites of ice cream there make life so much sweeter, literally and figuratively.
So have a little something sweet today and see how you smile!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Hi Lauren!!

    I tried responding to you on Facebook with my answers to your questions, but it looks like you may have deleted your Facebook because I can’t find you as a friend, and I don’t have your email?? Email me at jackierotman@gmail.com and let me know how I can send you my responses! I’m sorry it took me so long but I’ve been catching up since returning from Uganda!

    I love the blog and all the great work your doing! You are such an inspiration to so many young people and I appreciate it so much!!


    Posted on 9.15.10 | Reply
  2. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Creativity: My roommates and I have been decorating our room and it’s starting to transform into a lovely home away from home.

    2. Laughter: I don’t think I’ve laughed as much as I have lately. My sisters are constantly entertaining me and I’ve been so happy being surrounded by some of my best friends.

    3. Islands: I’d never been there before and not only was the food delicious, it was also so much fun going on a double date!

    4. “Going the Distance“: This movie was absolutely adorable and I love when a movie can make you burst out in laughter. It was nice to be a voyeur watching the movie thrather than actually being in a long distance relationship though.

    5. My cold: Odd, right? But I’m glad that I have it now rather an during the actual Rush week.

    Posted on 9.16.10 | Reply

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