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Celebrating friendship!

Who ever thought bowling could bring so much bliss? Especially with bumpers! Last night I celebrated a night of sisterhood at Pinz Bowling Alley and we had the best time not only bowling, but dancing the night away! Time with your friends, whether you’re bowling, beaching, or just being together is time well spent. Don’t you always feel happier after you’ve had a good talk, a good laugh, or even a good cry when in the company of your friends?

Last night was a night to remember and it wasn’t because we went bowling. Although that certainly added to the evening. As did bowling alongside Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. Odd, right? More than that, it was just having fun and forgetting about the troubles of life for a little while with my friends. I’ve never cultivated so many friendships as I have in college, and I think that is more important than any psychology class or science lab I will ever take. Just spending time together, experiencing new things, and learning about how to be a good friend adds tremendous joy to my life and I think it does for everyone else as well.
It didn’t hurt that we got to dress up in costume. The theme was, “Alter Ego.” So what did I go as? A washed up, crazy beauty queen, of course. Seeing everyone’s costumes, dancing in a neon bowling alley, and hey, even winning the game made it such a special night. I’m proud to say that I accomplished Sunny Set #123, which I set out to accomplish earlier this week. I’m still smiling the day after!
The best part of friendships is that they thrive on happiness. When a friend is happy, you are likely to be so much happier yourself. Just imagine if you were in a group of friends, the happiness can double or even triple; I’ve certainly experienced this. (Now imagine living with 54 girls like I do; my happiness should be through the roof!) Of course, there are limits to this concept, but overall, our friends can bring a genuine smile to our face whether we’re on top of the world or we need a pick me up. It’s something to always cherish and to never take granted.
What will you do to celebrate your friendships this week?
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Dance practice: I always love dancing; especially alongside my friends! We are preparing for Rush and the singing and dancing has been my favorite part.
    2. A night with my Big Sis: Kelly is one of my best friends in the house but I also consider her to be an inspirational mentor. She has remarkable grace and compassion and I feel beyond blessed to know her.

    3. Tiger Apple: I had the best peanut butter caramel apple!

    4. A call home: It was so good to talk to my parents and hear their laughter. I especially loved hearing the sound of my dear little Kiko’s sweet meow!

    5. Pictures: Don’t you just love being able to relive an experience over and over again and remember how much fun you had?

    Posted on 9.18.10 | Reply
  2. […] yes, I did accomplish Sunny Set Goal #123, which you can read about here. I scored over 100 by the seventh round; three strikes total! Never mind the bumpers…We had the […]

    Posted on 9.18.10

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