Weather Report: Week 13

Summer, winter, rain, or shine, the Sunny Girl is happy all the time! Okay, I’m not always this giddy, I’ve always just remembered this slogan since I used it in my fourth grade campaign (which was unsuccessful by the way—perhaps it was this overly perky catch phrase? Anyway, I was reminded of this saying because of the unpredictable weather we’ve been having lately. Last week it was the hottest week of the year and now we’re suddenly scrounging for umbrellas and rain boots. But I absolutely love this time of year; it is the beginning of the holiday season and I can’t help but feel cheerful!
As for accomplishing Sunny Set Goal #3 (which you can read about here), I still have a ways to go but I’ve made some headway. I attended an orientation for International Student Volunteers which I am extremely jazzed about (my newest saying by the way, if that word struck you). There are seven different countries you can choose to go to where you spend two weeks volunteering and another two weeks traveling. I’m hoping for Australia or Costa Rica—who knows what the future holds! Here is the website in case you’re interested:

What happened this week at The Sunny Side Up?

  • I was appointed as the Personnel Chair in my sorority house. This means that it is my duty to appreciate girls and recognize their accomplishments. It also means that I have to recognize when a girl breaks a rule and offer her help so that the mistake doesn’t happen again.  I’m learning so much already and it’s a good challenge that will help me grow.
  • I met with my philosophy teacher and we had a discussion about happiness. Her class on ethics has made me question a lot of my thoughts on happiness which I will address in later posts.
  • I’m feeling happier! Surrounding myself with the people I love has been the best remedy to my recently foggy “soul weather.”

What’s coming this week at The Sunny Side Up!

  • I am looking for more Sunny Stars so if you would like to be a Sunny Star or you know someone that would make a great Sunny Star–so please suggest some names! People seem to really enjoy these specific posts; I think we can learn so much each other.
  • I will be meeting with our National Chi Omega representative and I will be attending multiple meetings and workshops regarding leadership in my sorority.
  • I will be getting a new laptop! I am absolutely ecstatic (especially as I currently type this on my roommate’s laptop).
I hope you have a joyous week—rain or shine! Enjoy the pleasures of fall—the candy, the costumes, and maybe even a scary movie or two! Pumpkin patch here I come!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Brunch: We have the most amazing kitchen staff; nothing like chocolate chip pancakes!

    2. Pumpkin Truffle: Just when you thought Godiva couldn’t get any better.

    3. Jessica and Kelly: My best friends—never ending smiles, laughter, and stories.

    4. Friday night: I love the feeling of it; it’s a night when I don’t have to worry about the next day.

    5. Meant to be: It is always is; even if I don’t always know it at the time.

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