Fast Times at College Life

College is a thrilling time; you’re constantly surrounded by your friends, you’re learning about subjects that suit your interests, and you’re discovering who you really are and who you hope to be. But there’s barely a minute to process it all. It goes by so quickly and before you know it, you’re in cap and gown receiving your diploma. I’ve had many students tell me that they wish they had more time alone to comprehend all of the sudden changes in their life; myself included.
When we’re surrounded by people all the time, it becomes harder and harder to let our guards down. I always feel the need to put on a happy face or to just grin and bear it if I’ve had a rough day. It takes trust and reassurance to let go in front of others and this is something that I personally struggle with. I feel like I have to be strong; for myself and for others. Now, normally I’m very happy, but what about those days when there’s not a moment alone to understand the daily complexities of life?
I think that if we’re not careful, we can become numb. We could still be “happy,” but it would only be a mellow baseline. Perhaps sometimes you need to experience some lows to appreciate the highs. Ironically, I am very happy as I write this post today (although it may not seem like it due to the content). I’ve just thought a lot about emotions other than happiness recently and I think it’s important to recognize them just as much as we notice our happiness. We need to allow ourselves to feel how we truly want to feel rather than deny our negative emotions that can quickly well up. For without sadness, there couldn’t be happiness.
Wow, I really am getting philosophical (Could it be that I have a midterm in two days?!)
Best of luck with your upcoming midterms and studies!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Lizzy says:

    No idea how you balance writing a post every day and studying for this killer midterm! Can’t wait to see my study buddy 🙂

    Posted on 10.24.10 | Reply
  2. kelly says:

    this is awesome! i think sometimes people feel bad because they can’t be happy 24/7. but you’re so right – that’s not realistic!

    Posted on 10.25.10 | Reply
  3. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Morning with my parents: I treasure the time when the sun fills our family room and I am together with my parents and cat. The laughter is endless.

    2. Lunch with Lauren: I always love seeing her and her mom—especially when we visit over pumpkin pancakes!

    3. A day at home: In my own bed, with my own cat, and my own family; I love it.

    4. Visiting grandma: She recently moved into a retirement home and it was so nice to see her room and have dinner with her in the dining hall; I felt like I was on a cruise ship the service was so nice!

    5. My emotions: Sometimes, college makes me feel numb. When I come home, I feel like I can truly be myself and just let go.

    Posted on 10.25.10 | Reply

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