Brad Pitt Gets Lucky

It was one of those days; when an ordinary day becomes extraordinary. Yesterday was an adventure to say the least. Well, it actually began the night before last. But this is a story of great happiness and optimism—an experience that showed me how every life is worth saving; especially when it’s a five day old kitten.
You can imagine how lively a sorority house is. My house often feels like Legally Blonde reincarnate. There’s music blaring in the halls, girls running around, and endless chatter. I love it. But sometimes, when you need a quiet place to study, the pit is the only option. But a couple nights ago even the pit wasn’t quiet. The girls could hear not a faint, but a rather obnoxiously loud cry coming from under the house. As endearing as its little cries were, the identified object was left for the night with an unanswered SOS.
Now living with another cat-obsessed roommate like myself, Abbie was on a mission the next morning and she took me along for emotional support. Walking along Hilgard at 9:00 am (hey, it’s rather early for college students), Abbie and I probably looked like either deranged tourists or inappropriately hungover college students poking around in the bushes making cat calls in our pajamas. We may have even unscrewed a few vents and collected some tuna from the kitchen for our long lost kitty…It was to no avail though; we could hear the kitten’s cries but we just couldn’t get to it.
Not long after, a technician came to the house and fiddled around in our basement with a little more skill and courage than we could muster. Sure enough, he extracted a five day old black kitten who was so little that it couldn’t even see yet. A flurry of girls rushed to the kitten’s aid and we made every attempt to quell the little kitten’s fears. You could hear its cries all throughout the house. And because it’s a rule that we can’t keep pets in the house, we knew we had to take it to the shelter or find a home for it pronto.
So we caravanned to the shelter who immediately tried to euthanize our poor pet. We just couldn’t stand for this. In a desperate feat of sisterly love, I prepared a bottle solution while Brigitte bottle fed it. It was literally the cutest thing I’ve seen. Long story short, we eventually found a veterinary clinic that would take the kitten and promised to take care of him. They reassured us that he would live and I’m sure he will make someone very happy. Even though black cats tend to be bad luck, I think this little kitten was very lucky. We love you Brad Pitt! Get it? Pit?
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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    Posted on 11.13.10

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