True Colors: Are You Green?

We are coming to the end of our true colors rainbow. Today’s color applies to a lot of you gents out there—“green” often describes a lot of men’s logistical personalities. On a literal note though, studies show that the color green actually has the potential to make you the happiest, which you can read more about here. Not to imply that money can buy happiness! Whether you’re keen for green, or another color, I invite you to read on so that you can learn how not only you can be happier, but how you can have happier relationships by understanding people’s particular colors. Before we continue, could you be…
A Gold? Find out here!
An Orange? Check it out.
Or a Blue? Curious?
But perhaps you are a green. Greens are not green with envy, rather they are described as: inventive, versatile, competent, conceptual, curious, knowledgeable, ingenious, theoretical, concerned, procedural, cooperative, rational, principled, and philosophical.
Does this sound like you? Or are you dating or friending a green?
Here’s what you can do to make a green a happy camper:
1. Be aware of their curiosity about life.
2. Give things that challenge their problem-solving abilities.
3. Respect their need for independence.
4. Know that they are caring even though they may not show their feelings easily.
5. Respect their inventions and ideas.
So does this explain why men don’t always wear their heart on their sleeve? Maybe this is a good reminder for us ladies that we should be understanding of gentlemen’s natural inclinations. However, it is also a friendly reminder for you boys to give your gal a special compliment today to make sure she knows how you care, even though as a green you don’t always express how you feel. When we all make an effort to understand, respect, and compromise, we can be so much happier ultimately.
I hope you enjoyed the color series and that it gave you an extra measure of happiness! I’m excited to introduce our upcoming series!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. No school: It’s such a nice treat!

    2. Spa day with Kelly: We had so much fun talking and relaxing together—what a lovely getaway.

    3. Skinny-dipping: I haven’t done it in years but what good fun it is!

    4. Massage: Beyond relaxing and I didn’t even giggle!

    5. Balboa bars: Ice cream dipped in chocolate and almonds. I’m about to burst!

    Posted on 11.13.10 | Reply

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