Weather Report: Week 21

Hail to the hills of Westwood…tonight the Bruins will be victorious! Perhaps you’ve heard, but tonight we are meeting our little cross town rival for a little fun…for us anyway. I’m so excited for the game today because let’s face it, we may actually have a chance. The only problem is that I came down with a cold last night so I’m trying to rest up in time to watch our Bruins bring home a win!
What happened this week at The Sunny Side Up?
1. We granted Jaden’s wish to have a dinosaur playground with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. To watch Fox 11’s news report check it out here:
2. I am officially published in The Odyssey! To read my story and other Greek writers’ columns, go here:
3. It has been such a fun and festive week! I went ice skating and shopping for Montana Walk and don’t you know I went to the Beat SC’ Bonfire with my Chi Omega sisters. Fight fight fight!
Next week at The Sunny Side Up:
1. Study, study, study. I have finals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday; one after the other. But at least I’ll get to celebrate my lovely mother’s, my best friend, Lauren’s, and yes, Walt Disney’s birthday! That’s December 5 in case you somehow didn’t know. Just teasing!
2. I’m looking for a new inspirational book—any that you’d like to read with me?
3. I need some male Sunny Stars! As much as I love you ladies, I need some shining studs to balance out our Sunny galaxy.
I hope you had a great week and that this next week is even better. I hope that instead of the holiday blues you have holiday happiness. Even if you have finals (or a cold like me), try to find the silver lining to your rain cloud. Now here’s hoping for a Bruin victory; let’s show those Trojans what we’re made of!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. My 5 Daily Gratitudes:

    1. Walking with Kelly: Friends are the sunshine in my life.

    2. The Odyssey: I’m so excited to see my writing in print!

    3. Montana Walk: I had so much fun enjoying the holiday festivities with my friends. And who doesn’t love free samples? I can’t say I’ve tried green tea cheesecake until last night…

    4. Photo shoot: During the Montana Walk we went into a hair salon and did a silly photo shoot with audacious Christmas hats—can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out!

    5. Toy Story 3: What a funny and fun movie!

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