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A UniCamp Hopeful

UniCamp. It’s a famous word at UCLA. Lasting for the past 75 years, it is a camp for underprivileged LA local kids to forget about their troubles and get happy for a week. I just submitted my application to be … Continue reading

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Sunny Star: Jenna Pacelli

I just finished reading this week’s Sunny Star post and it was, simply put, enlightening. Jenna Pacelli is our Sunny Star of the week and not only her words, but her yoga practice is truly inspirational. Jenna is a fellow … Continue reading

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Sunny Side: Patty-Cake Paws

While some days I worry that I might become a cat lady (oh, how I do love them!), this video is just too much to resist. I think animals can be highly entertaining and this video is proof of that. … Continue reading

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The Unexpected

I love when life takes you by surprise. There’s nothing better than ending a day that was better than you expected. I always like to plan my life out, but I’ve learned this year that sometimes the best days are … Continue reading

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A Valentine's Day Full of Happiness

Let me start off by saying “Happy Valentine’s Day!” And for the record, it is a happy day, whether you’re single or taken. Now I know that all the cynics out that think it’s full of flowers, chocolates, and promises … Continue reading

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Welcoming a New Decade

Woo-hoo! Today is my 20th birthday! I’m so excited and my friends and family have already made the day so special. Thank you to everyone for the sweet messages and kind wishes—I am so thankful to have so many amazing … Continue reading

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"Happy" Birthday Wishes

So many holidays have a “happy” to preface them. “Happy Halloween,” “Happy Thanksgiving,” and “Happy New Year’s” are just some of the many. With my birthday coming up, “Happy Birthday” is always a great “happy” word to hear, especially since … Continue reading

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On the Lookout for New Writers

Normally I write to everyone—no matter what your age, location, or creed. But today I have a specific shout out. As the new contributing editor of the UCLA Greek newspaper The Odyssey, I am looking for new UCLA writers in … Continue reading

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Walk it Out

There’s nothing like walking home while the sun is setting on campus. The air is crisp, people are friendly, and the world is starting to settle down. I love my school and walking around it every day reminds me of … Continue reading

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Sunny Star: Aditya Gune

Just about everyone loves to watch a good movie, but not everyone can make them. Our Sunny Star this week, Aditya Gune, is one of the people that loves to make movies. Even though he pursues filmmaking as more of … Continue reading

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