Having an Actually Happy Easter

First of all, Happy Easter everyone! I love any holiday that starts with the word “happy” in it! And hey, any holiday with bunnies and chocolate—combined—is a happy holiday indeed! Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, it is a family tradition that I have and always will treasure. If nothing else, Easter is a time to celebrate our family over a good meal, a good laugh, and some good fun. And if you feel so inclined, you can take it a step further and celebrate the true meaning of Easter—I know I love to.
So how can you have your happiest Easter ever?
1. Try to spend time with your family: This is such a fun holiday when you can enjoy it with the people you love. We’re going to a brunch this morning and I love starting the day off in the company of my family. And a good hunk of ham to top it off.
2. Indulge in your Lent longings: Whether you gave up sugar, cheese, or coffee among other things, give in a little if you feel so included. Eat that jelly bean that you’ve been eying the past few months—you deserve it!
3. Have an Easter basket: Whether your mom makes it for you or not, bring back the Easter tradition of younger year by having a peep or two and get some of that plastic Easter grass to fill your basket. Remember that?
4. See Easter through the eyes of a child: Children love this holiday with the egg hunts and surprise Easter eggs. Whether you know any children or not, get a child something special for the day. And if nothing else, remember how fun Easter was as a child to bring back some of that childlike wonder.
5. Have a day of rest: It is a holy day in the Christian faith and whether you believe this or not, take advantage of taking a break!
I hope you have a happy, blessed, and hopeful Easter. It is a day of renewal, rest, and rejuvenation and we should celebrate it!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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