After all of those days, waiting for a door to open, one has! I have to admit, hearing “no” was starting to have a nice ring to it, but then, hearing the sound of “yes” made it all the better. I heard one of the best “yesses” yesterday—when the producer at NBC News called to tell me that I got the internship position at NBC News! I’m so thrilled about this and I can’t wait to start. I feel so thankful for the opportunity and I know this will be a huge chance for me to learn more about broadcast journalism.
I have to admit, and as I told the producer, I don’t have as much experience in this field as I would like. UCLA does not offer a broadcast journalism major (unlike our lovely neighbors…) so it’s hard to gain actual academic experience in this career. But all the more reason for me to ask important questions, do my research, and get my feet wet! I’m just so grateful to have a chance to be in this environment.
So I’ll be starting this summer, 16 hours a week, whenever I’d like to go to the studio. I’d say between 4 am and midnight are pretty flexible hours! The news that the studio produces goes to the Today Show, MSNBC, and Nightly News with Brian Williams. I’ll let you know how it goes!
Keep shining,
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Woody says:

    Mega-CONGRATULATIONS, Lauren! It’s been said that “Patience is a bitter seed that bears a sweet fruit” — and your patience, and persistence, is being sweetly rewarded. Good luck!

    Posted on 5.11.11 | Reply
    1. Thank you SO much! I really appreciate all of your encouragement!

      Posted on 5.11.11 | Reply
  2. Whitney says:

    Congratulations Lauren!! I’m so excited for you! Look forward to reading your posts about the gig. 🙂

    Posted on 5.11.11 | Reply
    1. Thank you so much Whitney! I’m so glad to have you as a sister and friend!

      Posted on 5.11.11 | Reply

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