Cooking with a Cook

I hope I Look this happy when I'm in the kitchen!

My last name is Cook. Naturally, you’d think I’d made a great cook. Not the case. You name it, I’ve probably burned it, undercooked, or hey, even set it on fire—accidentally, of course. I’ve even burnt pasta and I’m just now getting the hang of perfectly cooked chocolate chip cookies. But even though I may not have the talent that my name implies, I sure do have the love for it. I really enjoy being in the kitchen and learning how to make things. It’s an art form, a stress reliever, and a creative decadence to enjoy.

I really want to take a cooking class soon. Call me old fashioned, but hey, bring back the cooking classes in school. My inner housewife is calling out. Seriously, it’s a skill that all people should have—women and men. Besides, I think my mom may have given up on me after I put egg whites in instead of egg yolks for crème brulee–it’s time to seek some professional help.

Cooking can make us so happy when it’s done well. I may not be the next Julia Child, but hey, I’ll give Paula Deen a run for her butter. I need to learn the basics—how to BBQ a steak, how to bake homemade bread, how to make meatloaf, and how to decorate a cake. And Betty Crocker, this time, you are not invited! It’s all me.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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