Spring Sing

I love college traditions. Last night, I went to one of my favorite UCLA nights of the year, Spring Sing. It is our annual talent show where the best and the bravest come out to perform in front of thousands of students. It’s always an entertaining show, from the Company who puts on skits to the a capella groups who can beat and belt to just about anything.

Here are some of my favorite Spring Sing moments (some of which I haven’t witnessed but still think of fondly):

1. My grandma performing in Spring Sing at the Hollywood Bowl when she was a student here. She performed with her sorority, Pi Phi, at the time. Too bad she’s tone deaf! You know I love you grandma!

2. Julie Andrews accepting the Gershwin award: I wish more than anything that I could have seen this! She is my hero.

3. Pi Kapp and DG dancing together: I wish our sorority danced with a fraternity—it looks like so much fun! Still, it was so great to see the Greek System represented and it was so exciting to see them win the production award.

4. Arianna Afsar duet: We used to compete in pageants together and it was so fun to watch her take the stage last year and this year. What a voice!

5. Camaraderie: It’s just nice watching UCLA students partake and celebrate such a wonderful tradition. We have so many talented students, past and present, and Spring Sing is beautiful culmination of all that UCLA has been, is, and will be.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook


The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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