Happiness in a Hobby

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My head has been a magnet to athletic balls all my life. Basketball, soccer ball, football, softball, you name it, my head has hit it. Or rather, they hit my head. Whenever I hear “heads up” my first instinct is to go “heads down” and well, with a bump later and a bruised ego, the rest is history. But there is one ball that I am rather quite fond of—even though it has hit my head, too. It’s the tennis ball. You can always get me out on the court and I’ll have a good time. It’s the one sport that I’m remotely decent at so I definitely try emphasize it in my life.

I’m inspired to write this post because I want to encourage you to hone in on one of your many skills. Whether you love to paint, hike, or practice archery (hey, my roommate did last year), pursue a hobby that you enjoy. There’s nothing better than watching yourself improve at something and if you’re naturally inclined toward it, it will be that much easier to pick yourself up when you fall.

It’s always a good thing to keep pushing past our comfort zone. Multiple studies have shown that we are much happier when we are learning new skills; whether it’s meeting new people, picking up a sport, or traveling. The great thing about hobbies are that they encompass many new aspects of challenge, progress, and improvement. And it doesn’t have to consume your life either–you can just slip it in every now and then to get that extra dose of happiness in.

Time for me to hit the court. And nothing is going to be hitting my head this time!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook


The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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