The Purest Form of Happiness

I heard it said last night that older people are happier. I beg to differ. Don’t get me wrong, I hope they’re just as happy but yesterday was a day of childlike wonder and I find that to be much happier than worn out elastic pants and less than tights toupees. Children experience happiness in its purest form—in all its simplicity, innocence, and perfection.

I was reminded of this yesterday when our family spent time with our two cousins who are proudly representing the not-so-terrible two’s and the fantastic four’s. They’re the cutest kids full of sheer joy and wonder. They spread happiness wherever their little Crocks go and they bring so much happiness to our family.

Here are some ways to get in touch with your inner child, whether you’ve got one of your own or it’s the last thing on your mind (which, no offense, but that’s the boat I’m in):

1. Watch some classic Disney: It was pretty comical watching 50 year old men fight about watching Aladdin versus The Little Mermaid yesterday. And Dumbo still won out because the four year old “said so.” But it gathered our family together and it was fun taking a trip down memory lane.

2. Go for a swim–in the pool: Yes, we may all be Jacuzzi junkies but how often is it that we actually go swimming in a pool? Not very often for me but I was so glad that I did. We have to keep moving in that cold water rather than just sitting around in the hot tub. Try to figure out that metaphor, friends. Deep, I know.

3. Eat ice cream cake: A childhood favorite. It actually tasted better than I remembered it.

4. Play with puppies: Just like humans, they’re so much more precious when they’re young. (Sorry to burst your bubble everyone but crow’s feet just aren’t as cute as baby feet.) We played with a baby chocolate lab yesterday and it just about melted my heart.

5. Play ball: Whether it’s just rolling a bounce ball back and forth, it’s so good for us to interact with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s NFL status (my little buddy couldn’t catch a ball if she tried—granted my pitches weren’t the best), all that matters is that it’s fun.

I’m not suggesting you starting wearing Disney Princess panties again or build a Nascar race track around your kitchen. But I do think it’s good to remember what it’s like to be a child, and how much darn fun it can be.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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