Flying Away for the Summer

We’re coming down to the wire. Graduates are getting their diplomas and tossing their hats (don’t you know mine will be bedazzled?) and kids are counting the days until they’re free birds. I have a paper due and one last final and then I will be flying away myself tomorrow. I have to say though, I’m getting pushed out of the nest. As excited as I am for summer, I am also so sad to go! This has been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and special years of my life. I was blessed to have the best roommates to share every day with, to have an amazing boyfriend to treasure the special moments with, and a beautiful campus that I felt lucky to be at. Every day I felt content—at peace. That’s true happiness in my opinion.

I think part of the joy of life is savoring the past while looking forward to the future. In honor of this amazing year, I wanted to remember my 10 favorite memories of my sophomore year:

1. Peach Parties: Our room is lovingly named “The Peach” and we never let a day pass where we didn’t dance in it. Whether it was line dancing to “My Maria” or jumping around to Hall and Oat’s “You Make My Dreams Come True”—every day was a dream come true.

2. Presents Date Night: What a dance floor—we made the most of it. I love dancing with Greg; he always makes me smile.

3. Shaver Lake Trip: My roommate Jessica took us to her gorgeous cabin for a weekend. I went skiing (which I hadn’t done in years—but hey, I managed a black diamond by the end of the day!) and we had a blast snowmobiling. An absolute blast.

4. Spa day with Kelly: Swimming (without swimsuits), massages, and a day of rest and relaxation. A day of smiles.

5. Disneyland with Greg: World of Color was fantastic and it was great meeting up with Lizzy and her boyfriend. Disney is a must-date for me!

6. Lizzy’s Pinning: I hope she was genuinely surprised! Elaine and I had such a great time planning it and it was a beautiful night. What amazing friends.

7. Beach Retreat: Nothing like playing in the waves and just enjoying your friends’ company.

8. Chi Omega Firesides: I had the best time going to Memphis, Tennessee with our President to see the National Headquarters. I loved meeting Chi Omegas from all over the country.

9. Semi-sleepovers in the Blue: Every night feels like a sleepover here. Late night snacks, laughing at all hours—the best.

10. Party bus: 40 girls. One bus. A darn good time.

I suggest making your own top 10 list of the year. What were your favorite memories? Reflecting back helps us experience gratitude, and ultimately a greater sense of happiness. A day with laughter, a day with fun, and a day with friends—even if it’s just for a short time—is a day well spent.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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