Get Me to the Church on Time

Can I just epitomize the stereotypical girl right now and I say that I absolutely love weddings? Talk about happiness! I am going to one today and I can’t wait. I know, I know—many people actually dread going to weddings. But jeez, the overcooked steak, another round of “Play that Funky Music White Boy” and I can’t help but get myself to the church on time.

Today I’m going to my dad’s high school friend’s daughter’s wedding. Distant relation, I know. But she took me to Disneyland when I was a kid and I remember it well. She also went to UCLA so of course, I will be there.

Weddings are just my thing. “Father of the Bride” is my favorite movie, if I’m going to watch TV it’s gonna be for “Say Yes to the Dress,” and yes, I may even peruse a few (every) wedding magazine when I go to Barnes and Noble. I just think weddings are magical. The colors, the gown, the (hopefully handsome) groom—it’s just dreamy.

And I love to dance. So does my dad. We’ve already been practicing for tonight—we’ve been swinging since I was six and we’re ready to bring our A game to the floor.

So yes, I realize that I may be somewhat of a corndog (that could actually be a good cocktail appetizer, at least for the kiddies) but I’ve always had an affinity for weddings. They make me happy; plain and simple. Anything in the name of love is something to celebrate!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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