Feigning Some Foreign Fun


I’m starting to get the summer season itch. With friends in England, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, and the Bahamas, I’m wishing that I was off to some foreign getaway myself. And yet, I am in my home—day in, day out, dating my laptop and pretending my backyard is a beach. I find this as an opportunity to be thankful, though—I finally have the time to finish my book and I am really enjoying my internship. And I’m trying to remind myself that I already went to Washington D.C. and Colorado this year. I’ve got to keep looking at the sunny side up!

Even so, I thought I’d offer some Sunny Suggestions to feign some foreign fun. You may not be able to fly across the country but you can fly across your mind. Maybe?

1. Find a stone in your backyard and kiss it: Blarney at its best.

2. Go to the store and buy some gelato: Just like you got if off a stand in Rome.

3. Go scuba diving in your pool: Don’t laugh, I’ve actually done it.

4. Buy an elaborate hat: Just like you bought it at Harrod’s in England. You’ll be ready for a British tea in no time, chap.

5. Make homemade pasta for dinner: Done right, in the Italian way. And thankfully it’s only for a day so you’ll still be able to fit in your skinny jeans by the end of the summer.

6. Go to the tanning salon: Oceanside luxury vs. five minute bake? Who needs the pina coladas and the smell of sunscreen when you can just hop in and hop out?

7. Visit Las Vegas: A cute version of the Eiffel Tower minus your fear of heights from the real thing.

8. Swim with dolphins: They have inflatables right down the street.

9. Have a Latin salsa night: They sell Jose Cuervo at the grocery store. Can’t promise that we can get you a Latin Lover but just watch something with Antonio Banderas in it and we’re good to go.

10. Ride a camel: Find a Ringling Brothers Circus.

I’m sorry for my slightly cynical mood. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed (maybe the wrong side of the country?) I’m just dying to explore a bit! It’s been years since I’ve been on a family vacation to a foreign destination. But this is just something to hope for rather than whine about and I hope you’ve found my suggestions mildly comical (perhaps even inspirational) if you’ve got home fever like myself.

Happy travels friends, wherever you are!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook


The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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