Your Inner Owl

As I write this morning in my owl pajamas, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve become somewhat of an owl collector. Every Christmas I’m flooded with owls—ornaments, candles, pictures, and little figurines. It’s one of the Chi Omega symbols and I’ve definitely embraced it. It also helps that owls are “in”—I see them nearly every time I go out either on clothes, bookmarks, or basically anything that can have a decal on it. It’s a fun little hobby for me.

But I love owls for more than just their feathers and figures. Owls are wise, smart, and focused, which are all characteristics I strive to embody.

What’s your animal of choice?

To honor the owl this morning, I want to share with you a poem I was given. It’s called “Advice from an Owl” by Ilan Shamir.

Stay Focused

Be “Hoo” You Are

Trust in a Wise Friend

Live Off the Land

Glide through Dark Times

Be Observant

Life’s a Hoot!

I hope you’re having a “hoot” of a summer. Find your inner owl today and may you see the world through wise eyes!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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    Posted on 11.28.11
  2. Andrea says:

    hey sunny girl,it was so nice to find your page,i was looking for owl pjs,and i found you,hahaha,i have been a collector this year,i started with shirts and jewelery and now i have them of whatever i can get,except pijamasss,darnnnn!!! will start that,and last night i was given an owl figurine i named it Judy and a coffee mug i am using today,love it,and will start collecting mugs now,hope to see you in my face if you would like,its andrea rodriguez,you will see owls,hahahha,i love your poetry and will try to copy it if you dont mind,merry christmas and i feel the same way,and would like you to tell me about the chi omega symbolsss!!!we are very much the same and i am addicted to them and actually birds,and especially my parrot tuqui!!!

    Posted on 12.25.12 | Reply

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