Danville Days

Summer just got better. It’s been a blast so far but our trip to Danville has just been delightful. My sorority sister and I took a trip up north to visit our other sister. Even though we’re only here for the weekend, it has been the perfect getaway that we’ve all needed.

The road trip was a blast. Naturally we had to stop at the Madonna Inn—the pink palace of honeymooners. We just stopped for lunch but there was enough pink to last a lifetime. And yes, we snuck into the men’s bathroom to see the waterfall in case you were wondering.

Our lovely friend in Danville has shown us the best time. It is one of the most beautiful towns I have ever seen and I love the eclectic and personal feel of the town—not to mention, all the natural greenery that envelops this place. I would venture to say it is my favorite town that I’ve ever been to in California!

We also went into San Francisco last night. Of course the best part of the night was Ghirardelli factory where we all had delicious ice cream sundaes. If you could call them that—more like ice cream summits. I’ve never seen so much hot fudge in my life.

Taking the Bart home was interesting, too—some man drew my portrait while I stood there. It definitely freaked me out a bit and I’m going to hope the bumps on my nose he drew were from the fast pace of the car and not my actual nose!

It has been the best time. We are headed out today and we’re planning on making a stop at the Winchester Mansion. Prepare to be spooked I suppose!

I hope you’ve had and will continue to have a lovely weekend.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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