Happiness Outside of the Hemisphere: Seeking Somalia

Sure, it’s great to think about how we can make ourselves happy—but how can we be truly happy knowing that so many people around the world are miserable? Especially when those people are innocent children who have nothing to eat. Does Somalia strike a chord?

I saw an interview with the supermodel Iman on MSNBC today and it reminded me of how we need to speak up. More importantly, we need to have a cause that we can align ourselves with. Iman’s particular cause is Save the Children, which you can access here.

Somalia is facing the worst drought they have experienced in 20 years. Yes, Texas is having a tough time, but they’ve still got enough chicken tenders and beer to go around. This is different. UNICEF has released the statistic that 6 children are dying per day and the general child malnutrition rate has risen to 55%. We need to do something—NOW. Whether it’s donating money, advocating this cause on your Twitter and Facebook pages to create awareness, do whatever you can. 3.7 million people are going to bed hungry tonight in Somalia. It’s hard to be happy hearing that.

I love to advocate happiness on my blog and this is my bold cry out. There are my light hearted days when I suggest a day with friends or going to a movie for some extra joy. But there are also days, like today, when we need to take our happiness out of our hemisphere and bring it to the people that we’ve never met. They need our help—because if we don’t—we will certainly never meet.

To find out more information, you can go to this LA Times article here.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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