Conversations with God and Yourself

Last night I finally sat down—after I had been sitting all day in traffic, at the office, and back in traffic. Somehow, it’s a different kind of sitting. So when I sat down at the end of the day and channel surfed like I often do, I actually caught a good wave for once.

I’m a huge advocate of reading New York Times Bestselling books. It’s like a good song on the radio—it must be popular for a reason. So when I saw Conversations with God come on the TV, which is an adaption of the book, I was intrigued. The title sounded familiar, and while I was mildly skeptical at first, 8:00 somehow became 8:30, then 9:00, and finally 9:30 when the credits rolled.

The movie was not Academy worthy in cinematography but I thought it could definitely garner an Oscar buzz for its content. Even though we may not be homeless like Neale Donald Walsch was (he is the author of the book), there was still a universal concept that we can all relate with. And no, it’s not that we can talk to God (although I recommend you give it a go sometime—what, I think they call it “praying” or something?)

No matter what you believe, whether it’s in a God or not, I believe that we can all communicate with ourselves. It might sound ridiculously silly or amazingly foreign—but really—how often do you have an inner dialogue with yourself to check in?


Follow Your Heart

We often say that we have so many questions. I think we already know many of the answers if we have the courage to ask within. Deep down, we can be honest with ourselves. But we don’t always want to sacrifice the smoothness of a surface. We can lie to ourselves because of our mother’s, our society, and our desires tell us what should make us happy. Not always what will. For instance, you can tell yourself that, yes, this is your dream job. But really? Is it? And yes, you can say to yourself that this is the man I want to marry. But do you find yourself thinking, do we have to get married so soon? The answers are there.

Our intuition could be a strong muscle in our spirit if we exercise it more often. But sometimes, we get lazy and it’s just easier to live in mundane comfort. Getting our brains to the mental gym is exhausting…but it’s always worth it. So have that conversation with yourself. And maybe with God if you feel like it.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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