Finishing Strong with Nick Vujicic

Ever since the beginning of senior year, there has been a mantra that I’ve taken with me wherever I go.

“Finish Strong.”

I suppose our English teacher was trying to protect us from the oh-so-contagious senioritis. She reminded us that we had to be resilient no matter where we were in our lives. With her, there was no such thing as textbook trauma or the classroom coma—you should be present in mind and body every day. Whether it was the first day of class, or the last day getting our diplomas, we always had to finish strong. And we did.

I’ll never forget the day we watched Nick Vujicic’s video to send the message home. A man with no arms, and no legs, but the strongest of spirits encouraged us that we should always “get back up.” Nick is living proof that no matter what physical or mental limits, you can always finish strong.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to learn that Nick is coming to my hometown this weekend to speak. I am beyond ecstatic and I hope that I will get to meet this amazing mentor. After having read his book, which you can see here, it would mean so much to hear Nick’s words in person. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Here are the details for where Nick will be this weekend:

I hope you always finish strong.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Thadens Kal's Nkeramihigo says:

    4real Pastor Nick,changed ma life en think positive can’t wait 2see Nick one day here in Rwanda,we love en pray 4 Pastor Nick,LONG LIVE..!!!

    Posted on 10.2.11 | Reply
  2. Thadens Kal's Nkeramihigo says:

    Muraho Pastor,Nick..!!just to say thank you. I’m saying this because you moved ma life from zerooo… after watching different movies about ur life now I can move on every day remembering ur words of motivation… I’ve never thought of such life as you did. You gave me a whole new perspective of myself and of life. Even though I’m getting thirty years you have touched my heart so deeply. You have taught me en learnt a lot. Now I know I can stand on ma own en live,thanks again!
    And I love en pray for you Nick,nice and kind smile when I’m down.! :)can’t wait to see u one day here in Kigali-Rwanda,we love to see you Nick..!!
    Thadens Kal’s Nkeramihigo
    MTN Rwanda
    Mob:+250 (0) 788312140
    Kigali – Rwanda.

    Posted on 10.2.11 | Reply

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