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Meg Ryan would be proud. I’ve been keeping the internet in business the past six weeks and I think I now fully understand the concept of “You’ve Got Mail.” There’s nothing more exciting than hearing those three words, or in 21st century terms, seeing that red notification button on Facebook, when you’re in a long distance relationship. Here are some Sunny Suggestions from Skyping to snail mail so that your love lasts longer than a chick flick.

Normally I don’t check my sites with such rom-com gusto, but I have lately because I’m in my own long distance relationship for the summer. Many of us have boyfriends who don’t live nearby for the summer, or if you’re like me, they’re 5,000 miles away in Britain studying abroad.

So what’s a girl to do?

1. Write each other: Whether it’s snail mail, email, or Facebook, keeping up communication is key. You don’t want to update each other on every mundane detail of your life, like the chicken walnut salad you ate for lunch, but you should try to keep each other in the loop if you want your love to say up to date.

2. Remember you’re a 20 something, not a sixth grader: This was tricky in my relationship. Within a couple weeks, I started to feel like I was writing in my middle school diary rather than writing to my boyfriend. Keep the conversation more about the two of you as a couple rather than you as an individual. You don’t have to be overly sentimental, but you should still have some sweet moments to share, even if they are across the web.

3. Know each other’s schedules: Especially with time differences, it can be tricky to keep on track. Make an effort to meet up otherwise you’ll feel like you’ve been left hanging. Believe me, Facebook can feel like a lonely place if your “friend” doesn’t show up. Make the time for dates.

4. Skype: What an incredible source of technology, right? Make use of it! Get creative—you’re clever.

5. Plan for the future: Come up with an exciting reunion for you to look forward to. Maybe you want to surprise him or you want to have a special dinner when you’re together again. You’ve got plenty of time to figure out the details so make it a meeting to remember.

6. Don’t wish your time away: If you’re really pining for your loverboy, it can be easy to wish your days away. But you have an incredible summer to enjoy and it’s yours for the taking. Wishing away the present will not make for a better future. Make the most of today!

7. Enjoy the people who you do have: Whether it’s a new friend or you’re finally getting to spend some time with your family, cherish this. Every person comes into our life for a reason, so give them an opportunity to shine in your life.

I hope you can still find happiness this summer, no matter how separated you may be from your special someone. They say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” so let your heart look forward to the future while still enjoying the present moment. In the meantime, you’ve got mail.=

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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