When the Clouds Pass Over the Sun

I haven’t exactly had the sun in my step lately. To be honest, the past month has been quite challenging for me—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not only did I have my wisdom teeth removed, I’ve also had a hard time in my long distance relationship (absence makes the heart grow more distant?) and editing has been a mildly, okay, majorly, draining process. I don’t mean to complain or sound cynical, I just want to be honest. Because even the sun has clouds pass over it sometimes. But that’s the thing, they pass. As will this.

I’ve learned some valuable tools the past couple weeks as I’ve tried to perk myself up. It’s not always easy to change a mindset but when we make an action rather than a reaction, we can be much more proactive in our thinking. Here are a few of my tricks of the trade:

1. Singing in the car: Even if it’s listening to a sad song, singing along to the perfect song that fits my mood puts me peace. I feel an instant connection knowing that my thoughts have been felt by others.

2. Writing in my journal: Yes, I write every day on my blog and elsewhere but sometimes my words need to be mine and mine alone. Within the confines of my journal there is no such thing as melodic alliterations, rhythmic diction, or even censorship. It’s just the bare bones of my thoughts and that is more beautiful sometimes than pages and pages of prose.

3. Take a hot bath: I’m a water baby. I’d live in the bathtub if I could. I love to read a book or even watch TV in the bath—it relaxes me when my mind can’t relax itself.

4. Talk to someone you love: Sometimes you just need to vent. I called my best friend and I had a good gab with my mom. Having a sounding board besides your head does the brain good.

5. Taking some time off: Go, go, go…don’t go so fast that you’re eventually gone. Give yourself time to recharge your batteries before you lose ALL your energy.

One other tip: BREATHE.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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