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Email, Facebook, Twitter. It’s fast but it’s not always friendly. That’s why Ivan Cash began “Snail Mail My Email” for a one month campaign from July 15th to August 15th to reignite a love for letter writing. With the postal service on slowing down, Ivan’s idea may be starting up one of America’s beloved pastimes. Ivan has already received 5,000 emails to be sent as letters and he is currently receiving over 2,000 a day.

Ivan’s not the only one who’s been drawn to the cause. Over 200 volunteers around the globe have been writing, doodling, and even sealing a kiss for letters to daughters, soldiers, and lovers to every corner of the world. The project has been an astounding and unexpected success. Yet even with this newfound fanfare, Ivan has intentionally set a deadline and he doesn’t plan to extend it. “My hope is that people will relearn the magic and excitement they feel when they receive a handwritten letter.” Only time will tell if the trend will continue, but Snail Mail My Email has put a good foot forward.

I couldn’t agree more with Ivan—I feel like we gain so much more happiness from holding a letter versus staring at a screen. With a letter, you know someone has been there. Their pen has touched the paper, their hand has held the edges, and their eyes looked upon just as yours are. Letters last a lifetime and they mark the memorable moments of our lives.

So with three days left of the campaign, will you email someone so that they can receive a letter? And if so, to whom? Write away!

Here is the website:

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    Posted on 8.30.11

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