Feeling Testy Today. Here’s Why…

This morning started out like any other until I read Yahoo’s recent article on what college freshman have to say. Not only was the article a fallacy as far as I’m concerned, it was also insulting for my generation to be labeled as a teeming pool of knit-wits who know nothing about the world.

The article claimed that we barely know who OJ Simpson is. Yes, I may have been four at the time of the trial and even though I remember it, even if I didn’t, I would have learned about it and would have known the details of the trial all the same. Yes, I know about the glove. But instead, the article highlighted this comment by a student: “Hmm, I know there was some scandal about him. I think it was robbery or murder, maybe both.”

Clearly this does not make me happy, to say the least. What I fight for in my book is how competent my generation can be if adults would give them a little more credit. Adults are always surprised when I know about Apollo 13, John F. Kennedy’s term, and even the music that played on the jukeboxes back then (I’m a big K-Earth 101 fan). It’s aggravating to me to see my generation pinned down as a bunch of pitiful idiots. Perhaps that’s harsh, but when it’s assumed that we don’t know who Michael Jordan is, as is mentioned by this article, it’s quite frankly insulting.

I quote: “The college’s compilation, released Tuesday, is assembled each year by two officials at the private school in southeastern Wisconsin.” Perhaps that answers it. Consider the source, as my grandma always says. And as far as I’m concerned, this is not a valid a source.

Here’s the article so you can read it for yourself: http://news.yahoo.com/list-older-incoming-college-freshmen-050220927.html

I’m off to read a history book and get happy now, friends. Let’s go be smart!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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