An Enchanting Life Where Sparks Fly

There are some people in this world who radiate happiness. I think everyone has this inner light in them, but some people really let it shine. One of those people is Taylor Swift. As one of the most successful young adults in the world, I think Taylor is “winning” not only because of her voice, but because of her charm, enthusiasm, and happiness. Being genuinely friendly is the key to not only success, but to living a good life. Taylor is a Sunny Star wherever she goes.

I’m writing about Taylor today because I have just recently learned that I’ve been invited to see her perform at the Staples Center tonight. I can’t wait! I love her music and she can sure put on a show. I saw her two years ago at the Staples Center and I know this tour will be just as great, if not better than the last performance.

How can you live a life like Taylor’s? Here are some Sunny Suggestions to put in practice:

1. Take it all in: You can often tell how grateful Taylor is when she performs. She often just looks at the crowd and smiles. Try to look at your life in the same way. Have the same awe that Taylor has for the wonders of this world.

2. Write: One of Taylor’s major talents is her song-writing skills. Not many artists can boast that today. Taylor knows how healing writing can be and she takes it to another level by putting it in song. Write out your life story—you’ll experience so much more meaning in the process.

3. Love—a lot: Taylor is always open to love, but she’s not afraid to leave it behind either. She’s a confident girl when it comes to the dating scene. Take that for your own life—learn from each love and let go when you need to do so.

4. Smile: Studies show that you’ll feel naturally happier when you smile. Taylor does this all of the time. Smile away, baby! Just be sure you mean it.

5. Meet anyone and everyone: Taylor has never been a diva. She loves her fans and she has never turned one down. She’s never been above them, she’s always been right alongside. The same goes for everyone, no matter who you are. Never look down on someone, they could be the ones to bring you up.

I’ll let you know how the show goes—I’m so happy about it!

Here’s to living an enchanted life where sparks fly.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Taylor Swift is definitely a Sunny Star. I’m not a huge fan of country, but I do love her.

    And just so you know, I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. If you check out my most recent post, you will find the rules on how to do your own nominations along with the other blogs I have selected.

    Posted on 8.29.11 | Reply

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