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Don’t Let Your Happiness FLY By

There’s a storm a coming…and its name is Irene. I would know, as my mom’s flight from Israel has been cancelled and she is now a day behind in travels. Needless to say, it has been stressful here in the states trying to help her find a new flight (not to mention, expensive) and she’s been in a shambles from all the sleep deprivation and jet lag. It dawned on me this morning that heck, it is really hard to find happiness in an airport, let alone in flight. Yet because so many of us fly on at least a yearly basis, I thought I should cover the topic. Why not be happy when you’re high up? (Not like that…)

For some people, flying is no big deal. Yet for others, it is nearly a death sentence. My mom can be one of those people—feeling claustrophobic in cramped quarters. I can get the same way. So here are some Sunny Suggestions to make your time in the sky a sunny time.

1. Bring music: See your flight as a time for yourself. I love to just zone out and listen to my favorite songs in flight—you might even be able to drift off to sleep. Listen to some peaceful songs or songs that bring back happy memories for you. Music is perfect for reliving great moments.

2. Keep your brain busy: Whether you’re reading or playing Sudoku, it can help keep your mind distracted. Catch up on the books you’ve been eying and have some fun with activities you wouldn’t normally do, like crossword puzzles.

3. Take medication: Now, let me explain. I’m not suggesting you pull a stunt like the one in Bridesmaids, but I’m not against taking some Advil or even half of an Ambien if it’s going to be a long, overnight flight. Let’s get real here, plane seats aren’t the most comfortable and you might as well try and make yourself as comfortable as possible. Be smart though—be smart.

4. Write letters: My friends have done this for me in the past and I love it. Write to people in flight—you can mail the letters once you land. Let your family, your friends, or your love know how much they mean to you but writing them a letter. It’s a great way to fill time, just as any journal writing does. I love writing before going on an adventure—so much excitement and anticipation.

5. Know the facts: The media loves to emphasize the sensational. You may think it’s more likely that you’ll be in a plane crash just because you see that making the news. But the truth is, it is a one in 9.4 million chance that you could be a plane crash, according to OAG Aviation. So hop on that plane and see the places of this world that you are dying to see.

Flying is not always easy. Flights can get delayed, even cancelled, and we’ve all been in our turbulent rides. But even so, who says you can’t still be happy? Keep yourself busy and the hours will FLY by.

Today, my boyfriend is flying in from Cambridge after nine weeks of being apart and my mom, who was supposed to land this afternoon, is supposed to arrive at 6:30 in the morning tomorrow. I am praying for their safe return—and that they can find happiness in flight!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Dead Sea vs. The Babbling Brook

It’s been nice to have a quiet day. The only sounds I’ve heard is my Siamese cat snoring next to me (yes, he snores) and a few of my favorite songs. You see, when I read an article this morning I learned that I might need to keep just a little more quiet. I was reading Dr. Gary Chapman, one of my favorite authors, and he was writing about an interesting phenomenon, of which I am most certainly victim:

The Dead Sea vs. The Babbling Brook.

With a daily blog, and if you meet me in person, I am most certainly the Babbling Brook. I could talk on, and on, and on, and…on. If I had to win a talking contest, I would win it. I’m a master of topic elaboration, transition, creation, you name it—if you give me oranges for a conversation, I will beat it to a pulp.

Now the Dead Sea is the opposite.

They have nothing to say. They could, but they feel no such need. They could sit happily for hours on end, without uttering a word.

Here’s the dilemma though that Chapman writes about. The Babbling Brook and the Dead Sea often become lovers. The Dead Sea is happy at first because the Babbling Brook keeps the conversation alive, they make it exciting and upbeat. The Babbling Brook swoons with the Dead Sea’s silence—wow, what a good listener. But before long, the two can become displeased. The Dead Sea wishes the Babbling Brook would just shut up and the Babbling Brook feels like they don’t even know their Dead Sea. I would know because I often find myself in this situation.

So in order to find a little more happiness not only in my relationships with people, but also for my personal well-being, I’m going to give my vocal chords a rest. If you find yourself constantly calling, texting, even talking to yourself (guilty—and I actually make up songs to myself so that’s a little different), then maybe it’s time to take a little break. I’m not encouraging you to stop—by all means I love a good talker—but let your thoughts have a chance to talk too.

And for you Dead Seas…speak up!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

Asking Questions to Find Answers

As life has thrown me some curveballs recently, it has made me ask myself so many questions. So let’s ask some questions together and let’s try to give ourselves some answers. What will you do to be a mentor in someone’s life? What will you do to leave a legacy that you a proud of, one that makes you and others happy? What can you do be a reliable, trustworthy friend? What can you do to be a devoted family member, one who never stops loving the people in their life? What can you do to be happy?

Here’s what Daniel Lee is doing…

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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