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It might not be what you think!

With school getting back in full swing, one word among classes, textbooks, and studying comes to mind: sororities. Some of us love that familiar phrase and others loathe everything sorority related—from the “sorority squat” to the sorority tanks that so many sport (Kappa Kappa Gamma YouTube video, anyone?). But thankfully, all those semi-modeling positions are just a minor aspect of the whole sorority experience—which, if chosen wisely, can greatly benefit your college experience. Here’s why.

Now I realize that sororities aren’t for everyone (especially if you’re over 22 reading this blog, but bear with me, if for nothing more than for some good ol’ university nostalgia). However, more people than you think are affected by Greek life. Once you are in a sorority, it’s for life—that’s not daunting or anything. In all sincerity, it becomes a part of your identity—I will always be a proud Chi Omega for life in my personal experience.

If you’re on the fence about joining a sorority, here are a few Sunny Suggestions for helping you jump the fence and getting on the side where yes, the grass is actually greener.

1. A built in social circle: Now don’t expect every girl in the sorority to become your best friend—only Elle Woods had it that way. However, you can expect to make some of the best friends of your life within this group. A sorority often has like-minded individuals with similar interests. That’s one thing I love about my sorority—there’s always a friend who will want to go to Disneyland with you, study with you, go out for a run, or out on the town depending on what you feel like.

2. An opportunity to give back: A huge reason I wanted to join a sorority was so that I could continue my efforts in community service. Most Greek organizations have a service that they specialize in—for example, Chi Omega works with the Make a Wish Foundation. Giving back with Greek life has been one of my favorite parts of the college experience.


Just don't wear this...

3. An excuse to dress up: You’ll miss winter formal, prom, and all the other occasions you had to get fancy. Yet when you’re in a sorority, the fun continues with socials and mixers. And there may be the occasional costume party so that you can experience Halloween just about 10 times a year. (Mental note: bring costumes with you to school).

4. A chance to lead and follow: When you’re working with about 100 girls, depending on the size of your sorority, you learn a great deal about how to be an effective and organized leader who can inspire others while also creating a fun atmosphere. At the same time, you learn how to be a respectful follower, supporting your sisters as they pursue their goals.

5. Following in footsteps: It can be overwhelming the first few weeks of school—actually the entire freshman year if you’re not careful. That’s why having a “Big Sister” and an entire pledge class before you makes all the difference. You’ll get advice on what classes to take, what internships to apply for, and even what restaurants to try out. Take advantage of older students’ experiences so that you can avoid pitfalls.

Did I mention, there’s a ton of free swag? T-shirts, hats, sunglasses, jackets—all will be bestowed on you when you commit yourself to a few select Greek letters.

I will always be a proud Chi Omega myself but I hope that you will listen to your heart when it comes to rushing sororities. If you do decide to go into the Pantheon, be prepared for a life-changing experience. Don’t pay attention to the reputations when you’re joining—pay attention to the personalities and see what suits you best. May you find the sorority that’s right for you—and may they find you. (Creepy?)

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. love this, lauren! i’m a chi o too (kappa lambda, ucsd) and it was the best experience i had in college. xo

    Posted on 9.7.11 | Reply

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