My Mantra for the Year

I started moving into my new bedroom last night. As I was unpacking, I realized how different my life has become since I moved out of the very house that I am now moving back in to this fall. The summer has been quite eventful—mostly for the best—but my plans for the school year are not as I had planned. Yes, I got all my classes (I even got into the Communications Major—hallelujah!) and I will still be interning at E! News—which I’m thrilled about. But my living situation is not as I had expected and I will be living alone this fall quarter. A lot of people are telling me to be happy about this, but in a house of 54 girls where nearly everyone has a roommate, I admittedly feel a little sad.  I’ve been an only child all of my life. I liked sharing a room with three girls last year; I laughed more than I ever have and I felt like I truly did have sisters.

But this is one of those situations that I simply cannot change at this point, so I may as well try to find the sunny side. I know something positive will come from this somehow and even though I don’t necessarily see it at this point, I know I will in good time.

That is why I wanted to blog about mantras today. I love having a meaningful message as a theme for my year and this year in particular I wanted to focus on this:


Simple and common I know, but I believe it. I don’t like to live my life in the future, waiting to see what will happen in my life. Instead, I prefer to look back at certain points and think to myself, “Now I understand.” The beauty of life is that we never know where a year, a month, or a day will take us. You could see it the other way, but I choose to look on the bright side. There’s no other way if I even want a chance at happiness.

What’s your mantra for the year?

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Jo says:

    Very impressed by your blogs Lauren…you seem to keep really busy on positive things…keep it UP!

    Posted on 9.10.11 | Reply

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