When Your Brain is Bouncing Around

Today is one of those mornings when I have a million thoughts running through my mind but I can’t center on one of them. I almost think it would be better for me to hold off writing in order to spare all of the mind sorting. I’m always uncomfortable in this state and if you can relate to how I’m feeling, then you know how unpleasant it can be. So I’m going to do what I love to do best—make a list of Sunny Suggestions and hopefully get my head in the clear.

1. Talk a walk: Sometimes you just need to separate yourself from the situation you’re in. Go somewhere where you can be alone.

2. Go home: It’s not always possible, but if it is, then it can be nice to get away to someplace comfortable, safe, and familiar. You just have to be careful to not run away from your problems.

3. Write: And not in a public blog. Days like these are the days when my pen takes a heavy hit. Writing is one of the best ways to clear my head, even if it’s mindless writing.

4. Talk to someone you trust: With an opinion that matters. I don’t like to stay stuck inside my head—I need someone to bounce back ideas with.

5. Think: Sometimes the most difficult, but often the most necessary when you’ve got too many ideas floating around in your brain. Be patient with yourself.

Well, I have to say, I still don’t feel much better but then again, I didn’t follow one of these tips yet. So I’m off now to try 1-5 and hopefully I’ll feel back in the right state of mind after. Here’s hoping you have happy thoughts today!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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