New Eyes for Now

In the midst of sorority rush and my first day of class, my family is still tying up loose ends from the robbery on Wednesday. You can read the post before this one to get the details. It has been a challenging 24 hours and the shock factor is finally starting to wear off. As is the anger. Now, I just feel sad for our family, particularly my mom.

Even though the burglars stole my jewelry (which we have gotten back thanks to the pawn shops), my mom’s jewelry is still missing. Yes, money is a factor but more importantly, her jewelry that she has collected over the past 30 years holds many significant memories. In particular, her ring that she just got from her trip to Israel was taken along with many other family legacy items.

The good news is this: the man who did all of these terrible things has been arrested. Even though he injured a police officer and resisted arrest, he is now behind bars (temporarily). Even with grand theft auto and injury to a police officer, we are told that he will only be in jail for a couple of months. This makes me sick.

Happiness is hard to come by right now. More than ever I wish I could be with my family. All of this is starting to sink in and I don’t think I will ever be comfortable knowing that this boy of 18 years old was rummaging through my house and driving my dad’s car. And to know that he was violent? I am thanking the Lord that my parents weren’t home when he was there.

Right now I see the world with different eyes. Hopefully I’ll get my sunny side soon but as of now, knowing that there are people in this world who are willing to do terrible things at any cost, breaks my heart and leaves me uneasy.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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