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Happy Halloween to You!

Happy Halloween everyone! I love how so many holidays are preceded by the word “happy.” It makes me feel happy just saying it! I hope you have a magical Monday tonight and that you get in the Halloween spirit by dressing up.

What are you going to be?

I’m so excited to don my new Cinderella costume! One thing to not be this year though—Kim Kardashian. Boo to her for ruining the Halloween fun. Nothing like raining on a monster’s parade.

I’m off to enjoy the treats and small tricks of the evening and I hope you have a HAPPY night! Be safe out there and don’t let the thriller get you! (Which I have heard 3 times already on the radio today!)

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

Positive Instead of Pessimistic

I woke up this morning and I realized—it’s time for a shape up. Lately my positivity has been replaced with pessimism and my sincerity has even had a bite of sarcasm to it. That’s completely not me—as much as I sometimes wish I could keep up with this kind of humor. But truthfully that’s not me. In all of my gullible nature, I prefer to just embrace it rather than fight it. And so this morning, I decided it’s time for me to focus on three key goals:

  1. Stop complaining.
  2. Stop being negative.
  3. Speak kindly.

The root of the evil is that I’m not always my nicest because I’m trying to be funny. Well, it’s not. I much rather be sincere than get a laugh from being a little snide. So simply put, I want to be a nicer and thus happier person. It’s time to change my thoughts and thus my words. It can be easy for all of us to get a little down every now and then but we always have to bring ourselves up. That’s what I’m trying to do today. Nuff said.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

What the Spice Girls Taught Me

They were on to something...

I love majoring in psychology and communications because nearly every day it warrants a further pursuit of knowledge—for example, are girls truly afraid of success? I’ve now read about this in two places, in Deborah Tannen’s book You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation and in Bernard Weiner’s textbook on Human Motivation. The principle is that women are afraid to succeed because it creates an asymmetry between their peers—it creates competition when women crave community. I get that. But afraid of success? That seems a stretch. If anything, I think we want it more than ever.

With Beyonce’s “Who Run the World” song on the airwaves I think it’s true more than ever—girls are starting to be extremely influential in running in the world. But as I carried on this debate with my boyfriend yesterday—there needs to be a balance. For as much as society tells us that men are the competitive ones, I beg to differ. In my experience, it is the women who can be cat-like competitive. The men are the easy-going ones. It takes two to tango in the ballroom…and when it comes to success.

All the same, this is where women are at a disadvantage. It is natural for men to be competitive—it is nearly expected of them. Their masculinity is equivalent to their desire to lead. But if a woman takes an authoritative stance, she can immediately lose her femininity. It’s a delicate balance between power and prettiness. All the same, I think women are overcoming this together in a community like effort and we are taking a stance for what we believe in. We are just as competent, complex, and compelled to succeed!

Those Spice Girls had an effect on me growing up…GIRL POWER!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook
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