New Season: New Opportunities to Learn


We should all be this excited about school!

With a new quarter starting, I’m so excited about my course load and the new information I’ll be able to share thanks to my classes. Because I major in psychology and communications, I’m always finding out fun facts that apply to real life, which often pertain to our happiness. I love my classes this quarter because the readings are so informative and practical for everyday situations. So here’s a little summary of my quarter and what you can expect!

PS. I loved getting comments from people in Rwanda about the Nick Vujicic post. It means so much that people from all around the world are reading the Sunny Girl and that the posts are sharing other people’s messages, like Nick’s!

Communication Studies 10: This introductory course delves into interpersonal communications as well as mass media. I’m currently reading Deborah Tannen’s book, You Just Don’t Understand! which depicts the clashing communication styles of men and women. I’ll post about the book as soon as I finish it but as of now, I think the book’s overarching statements are a bit ridiculous for the 21st century. I think men and women are meeting in the middle a lot more now. 

Abnormal Psychology: I’ll be learning about schizophrenia, eating disorders, depression, and personality disorders among other mental health issues. I find this area of study absolutely fascinating and while I hope I don’t come down with the medical school syndrome, I am eager to find out how to overcome my phobia of puke! (If that’s possible).

Psychology of Human Motivation: I do want to become a motivational speaker after all. Too bad this is about primal human motivation. We’re studying about Darwin’s evolutionary theory and sociobiology right now. We’ll see if self-help ever works its way in.

What are you studying this quarter? Even if you’re not enrolled in class, that doesn’t mean you can’t emphasize on a specific course of study. Or get hands on with a new hobby—a new season means new opportunities!

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. I am pretty sure I’m going to end up minoring in Psychology. I am an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing, but all of my electives are probably going to be psych courses. I’ve already taken the psychology of personality. I loved that class. We got to diagnose celebrities, which was way too fun.

    Posted on 10.2.11 | Reply

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