Trusting with Time

You know I hate going a day without posting but yesterday was a day when there was no time for writing. Yes, I actually had time, but words couldn’t express how I was feeling yesterday and I wanted to compose myself before typing (or more like jabbing) the keyboard. In the past two days I’ve felt anger, betrayal, sadness, disappointment, and frustration, but I’ve also felt love, compassion, and kindness. You know that I don’t like to lay out my life in the blogosphere, out of respect for myself and the people involved in my life, and that is what I will continue to do so forgive me for my ambiguity. All the same, regardless of the certain situation in my life, the message still applies.

Now that I’ve had some time to cool off, I am emphasizing the theme of TRUST today. Without it, I think it is impossible to have genuine happiness in our time spent with others. I have learned a lot about myself recently and I am discovering that I tend to be a quick forgiver. It’s not always a good thing. You can’t let people walk all over you and when trust is taken away, you can’t just readily accept it right back when someone spits out an “I’m sorry.” It takes time.

So in my scattered frame of mind that is slowly regaining itself, I thought I’d share some quotes on trust that have really resonated with me. I hope you can identify and find strength in these words as well:

“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” –George MacDonald

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

“You may be deceived if you trust too much, but you will be in torment if you don’t trust enough.” –Frank Crane

“The best proof of love is trust.” –Dr. Joyce Brothers

Can people trust in you? And perhaps now is a good time for you to evaluate if you can trust in others. Yes, we all will make mistakes but ultimately, we must decide if our intentions and the intentions of others are in a good place. Otherwise our bliss exudes from our ignorance and our happiness is a fallacy.

I promise I’ll perk up by tomorrow!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Jo says:

    Lauren, I am loving more and more your philosophical blog! Thanks for taking time to talk about deep matters of the mind and how it affects life and lives…

    Posted on 10.8.11 | Reply
  2. I completely know the feeling of forgiving too quickly. I really need to stop doing that as well.

    I agree with Jo, I love the philosophical bit to your blog. 🙂

    Posted on 10.9.11 | Reply

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