Some Tips on Texting

Texting can be tricky. I recently heard a statistic that a teenager sends an average of 100 texts a day. At first that boggles me a bit, but in all actuality, it’s entirely believable. I bet if you counted up the actual amount of texts you send in a day, you’d be pretty surprised. Considering this is often a main source of communication for us (unfortunately in my opinion) I thought it’d be a good idea to reflect on some ways to makes our texts terrific.

Here are a few Sunny Suggestions:

1. Match your texter: You’ve got to test out the waters. Not everyone puts five exclamation marks after each phrase. The same goes for happy faces and extended vowels. For example: “I’m sooooo excited to see youuuuuu!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Yep, it freaks some of us out.

2. Be patient but don’t procrastinate: Some people text back within 15 seconds. Woah—is your phone attached to your hand at all times? Others wait a day later to respond; this just breaks up the conversation. A good five to 15 minutes is a good estimate but if you’re busy, then I think an hour or two makes sense as well. The key is to not just read it and forget to respond.

3. Give compliments: Occasionally. They can be a great way to perk up someone’s day! But like with anything, in moderation.

Chances are, you’ll send a text or two, or a 100 today so make them happy! Conversations can get lost in translation in text so be clear with your words and be sure you’re sending the right message…to the right person (don’t you hate when you don’t?) And remember, moderation is the key!

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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