Letting Go and Moving Forward

It’s been bittersweet in our family. Yesterday we said goodbye to my grandmother’s home that has been in the family for the past 50 years. My mom was raised in that house since first grade and now that I am 20 years old, we are letting it go. We have spent nearly every Christmas and Easter there and it is the home that my grandpa passed away in 10 years ago. The home holds so many memories and seeing it as a hollow house yesterday was a bit of a sight for sad eyes.

Letting go is a natural part of life. We have to let go of people, experiences, and the places where our memories have meant so much to us. It’s never easy but if anything, I am always reminded to be thankful for the happy times that I did have. For 20 years we have been blessed to have a safe heaven of a family home where we have had morning breakfasts together, opened presents Christmas day, and stayed up late just talking. Even though that is ending, I am hopeful that it will be the beginning of something just as special.

Is there something in your life that you’re having to let go of—like me? It’s never easy, I can sure tell you that, but here’s to hoping that the best is yet to come.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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  1. Sandi Miranda says:

    The ability to let go is a good skill to to possess at an early age. As you may remember, I was forced by circumstance to let go of an entire lifestyle when I became a widow. I am still in a struggle to “let go” of elements of my past but I continue to work on it daily. When personal losses are suffered, it tends to impact the ability to trim down and reorganize to a new lifestyle. Keep up the good words, darling girl. Love from Arizona, Sandi.

    Posted on 10.24.11 | Reply

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