Thanks Cinderella?

I think the hardest dreams are the ones that can die. Sure, some dreams are fantastical (like flying to the moon or ever seeing the Titanic—sure, you can dream it but it probably won’t happen), but then there are dreams that you have one chance at, and one chance only. Recently, one of those dreams didn’t come true for me. Naturally I am disappointed but I know that ultimately it will be for the best. There’s always a learning lesson in every dream that doesn’t actualize and it’s this, in my opinion:

There is a bigger and better dream to be fulfilled.

Everything happens for a reason. Who’s to say why certain dreams don’t come true, but if anything, I think we are often being saved from nightmares that we don’t realize at the time. I’m not in much of a writing mood right now (or at least not a writing mood that is out for public display) so that is really all that I have to say for today. But I will say this last piece: peace is essential. No matter what life hands us,  a position of peace will always prevail and see you through.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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