Black Friday Can Brighten Your Holiday

If only everyone looked this happy waiting in line!

I realized yesterday as I was out shopping in the black hole of Black Friday (the only hole is the one in my wallet at this point), that the true holiday comes the day after the holiday. I had an excellent Thanksgiving full of family and food–play the game Loaded Question if you ever get a chance–but we didn’t really get a chance to just rest and relax. My mom has already cooked four turkeys and it wasn’t until recently that she actually settled down–isn’t that what a holiday is all about after all? To just take it easy? Try telling a woman that…

My sorority sister has stayed with me over the break and it wasn’t until yesterday, the day after Thanksgiving, that it truly felt like a break. I took her to the Oaks Mall and we attempted to conquer what has now been famously hallmarked as “Black Friday.” It can seem quite abysmal with that trademark title. But it was in this Black Friday that I had an incredibly happy day with my friend. From shopping to gelato, to a lunch at the Cheesecake Factory ending with a sunset helicopter ride thanks to my dad, it was truly an incredible day. The Christmas season got kicked in to high gear yesterday and I’m just as grateful for that as I was for Thanksgiving Day.

With all that shopping, it made me wonder–what is it that makes me happy during this holiday season? Yes, the gifts under the tree are something that I delight in (both for the getting and the giving) but just the general demeanor around this time of year is what brings a smile to my face. The wreaths, the lights, and the smell of hot cinnamon rolls and See’s candies (although, who are we kidding, in America that is always wafting in our shopping malls)–everything becomes more special. And even more importantly, it’s the people that we share the season with. I love giving gifts to people but I also love getting to spend a little more special time with them. We have to treasure it.

What will make you happy this holiday season? I hope it’s plethora of things on your list this year that will light your heart up, more than just those Steve Madden boots will (wink, wink Mama?). Just kidding, the best gifts are the ones that can’t be unwrapped, rather, they open your heart to the miracles of the season.

Keep shining,

The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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The Sunny Girl, Lauren Cook

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